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Found || Carl Grimes x Male!Reader
Said it gets me loaded
I'll walk a straighter line
They barely had made the escape out of this hellhole.
Sanctuary, they said. In this world something sanctuary did not exist. All you could do was run and run, fight and fight, hide and hide. That was exactly what they were doing.
After 'Terminus' had caught fire and was burning down fiercely, they tried to get away from it as far as possible, which meant walking, walking and walking, searching for supplies, finding a place to stay at night, walking and walking.
Of course it was tiring and everyone wanted to find a solid place to rest already, beside Abraham who wanted to travel as much as possible so they could finally find a working car, but, oh well, the world wasn't working this way.
The worst was that Carl hadn't seen you seen the Governor's second attack on the prison. At first Daryl wanted to keep his mouth shut but told him in the end that you had been with him and Beth but got separated from each other one nigh
:iconfeeniecchi:Feeniecchi 274 60
Pronunciation - Connor Kenway x Reader
You’d been living on the Homestead for nearly a year and you had to admit, it was better than anything you’d ever dreamed of. The small community was enough to create a real atmosphere and a sense of togetherness, and with your job working as a barmaid in the tavern it allowed you to get to know the locals as soon as they arrived. You only ended up in the Homestead after being kicked from your job as a barmaid and home in the middle of New York; it was pure luck that Connor had been passing by when he saw your bags being thrown from the tavern window by your mother because you refused to marry a man you didn’t love, followed by him hearing all the foul language come from your mothers lips about you being an ungrateful whore and a spoilt child. You were surprised that he actually helped you when he heard the language that spilled from your lips, to this day, the situation made you cringe whenever you thought back to it.
“I always knew you’d be an ungrate
:iconmoonlighthope28:MoonlightHope28 174 13
[Male!Reader] Gay or European? [Hetalia]
Warning, this is a Hetalia Parody...with yourself. Especially since most Europeans are discussing your Sexuality here. Also: Wow man, attractive. And yeah.
Europe doesn't know what it's doing anymore. Enjoy.

They had it discussed so many times before. With a frown Hungary looked at you while you talked to Italy, after a few moments she turned to Austria, "I know we discussed this a lot but..." she pointed at you, "There! Right There! Look at that tan, that tinted skin. Look at the killer shape he's in. Look at that slightly stubbly chin. Oh Please he's gay, totally gay." the Austrian blinked before sighing and frowning, "I'm not about to celebrate. Every trait could indicate the totally straight expatriate. This guy's not gay, I say not gay." he whispered back before he noticed that everybody else in the Room noticed their discussion, while you didn't. You were too busy eating something with your Music on, you didn't even care to look around.
"...That is the ele
:iconthe-german-states:The-German-States 337 86
50 Ways To Annoy Anakin Skywalker
50 Ways To Annoy Anakin Skywalker
1. Follow him around. When he's not looking, laugh hysterically. When he looks at you, stop laughing and have a straight face. Refuse to tell him what you're laughing at. When he turns around again, continue laughing. Repeat.
2. When next to him, say out loud how good a couple Padme and Obi Wan make.
3. Constantly remind him of all his mistakes. (E.g: "Hey Annie, remember when you killed all those Tuskans Raiders?")
4. Tug on his hair. Run and hide. Repeat.
5. Think of a catchy, yet annoying theme song for him. Constantly sing it or hum it around him. Double points if you can get him to hum it as well. Triple points if you get the other Jedi to join you.
6. Scream "LOOK OUT ANNIE!!!" at the most weirdest times. (E.g: Right before he goes to the bathroom.)
7. Spray paint rude things about him on the walls of the Jedi Council. Run and see how long it is until he finds you.
8. Dress as people he knows and follow him around doing really bad impressi
:iconlovedove1128:lovedove1128 132 34
lips (young!Remus Lupin x Reader)
****Remus POV****
"Remus you look like the dead!" James exclaimed as the Marauders strode down the stairs to the Gryffindor common room
"I'm fine" Remus stuttered with a weak smile "I'll go get a potion from Madame Pomfrey before tonight"
"And then we can party!" Sirius fist bumped the air
"We're not partying! You guys are risking your lives" Remus shrieked
"Mate we don't care are bout your furry little problem" Peter whispered patting the tall and amazingly damn gorgeous werewolf on the shoulder as Sirius snorted
"Ha ha very funny worm tail" Remus scowled at the stubby little man "anyway I'm of to the hospital wing"
"See ya latter Moony!" The Marauders sang
Meanwhile on the edge of the forbidden forest (f/n) was helping professor Grubbly Plank feed her chimera, a mystical creature with the heads of a lion, snake and goat
"Wow" you sighed totally absorbed in the beauty of the creature
"I know right amazing creature" Grubbly Plank croaked "pat it (f/n) if you want"
You walked closer to
:iconpizzabear5:pizzabear5 139 5
Disney Hades x Goddess!Reader for MikuKitteh
Disney Hades x Goddess! Reader
AN: Please note that this is the Disney adaptation of Hercules and Persephone doesn’t exist. Godly infants also develop at a faster rate than normal humans.  Please don’t freak out about the pairing because Gods/Goddesses don’t have DNA.
Hades scowled as he travelled up to Olympus.  Aphrodite and Hephaestus had a little girl six months ago and apparently his ever loving sister decided to hold a magnificent party and invite everybody. His hair flamed up just thinking about it.  His brothers had given him the domain with dead people and they expected him to be happy? Please.
Pain and Panic followed behind him – keeping their distance and they flinched when Hades turned around and addressed them.  “Remember, we act all happy, greet the brat and leave. Got it?!” Hades roared, his body becoming covered in flames.
Pain and Panic nodded fearfully and Hades stopped the flames.  “Glad we got that s
:iconscrougeofares:scrougeofares 802 148
Gamzee x Reader 50 Shades of NOPE
Poor Gamgam had a look of indescribable horror on his face, his eyes almost looking as if they were going to fall right out! For a second you worried you had broken your poor matesprit, before his mouth finally opened and he spoke.
"LiL mAmA?"
"AlL uP aNd ReMiNd ThIs MoThErFuCkEr To NoT aSk YoU aBoUt BoOkS eVeR aGaIn."
"Okie dokie, Gamz.~"

There was a pause as the Capricorn draped his arm around your shoulders, pulling you close enough to nuzzle into the crook between his neck and shoulder. You stayed like that for several minutes, just breathing in each other's scents and attempting to forget that accursed-saaaayyy...What did happen to that book anyways?
"I have a question."
"AsK aWaY.~"
"Where's the book?"

A glint of mischief lit up those indigo eyes you adored so much, a small smirk sliding across the juggalo's lips.
"I'm AlL uP aNd HaViNg It MoThErFuCkInG cLeAnEd."

"HoNk!" : O )

You facepalme
:iconyearofthecrow:YearOfTheCrow 116 15
Artistically beautiful
Gamzee x Reader
You stopped dead in your tracks when you saw him laying on the bus stop bench fast asleep. A giant troll curled up on the bench under the bus stop shelter. You haven't really encountered a troll before let alone one as big as him. His legs are pushed against his chest otherwise they'd be dangling off the bench. He has magnificent horns and white paint masking his flawless face. You are absolute captivated by him.
He's beautiful.
You pull out your sketch book and lucky pencil from your bag and sit on the curb. You take a good look at him for a minute before going to work, sketching the bus stop outline and then him. You're about half way done with drawing him when you spot the bus. You pack up and stand up like nothing ever happened. You don't really want this troll to think you're some sort of creepy stalker because you totally aren't. You watch him stretch and only then realize how tall he really is. Probably a good 6' something.
You watch him bored the back of the bus
:iconyourereadingmystuff:yourereadingmystuff 68 5
What the Crowley?! - Sam x Reader x Dean
What the Crowley?! - Sam x Reader x Dean
What the Crowley...
You remember having come up with that expression once and using it with your best friends but never had you thought that you would be using it with the whole meaning of it...
Yeah what the Crowley was definitely the only way you could be able to describe what was happening to you...
And you still remember how it all had started...
You were so happy that day.
Not only the summer holidays had started, not only had your parents let you spend it at a house they owned that was near a lake - meaning you could go swimming whenever you wanted to - but also they had bought you all 8 seasons of Supernatural that you would definitely be watching over and over again the whole summer.
This summer was going to be awesome, that was for sure. After all watching Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki almost all day long while waiting for your best friend to send you the photos from the comic-con she would go was... yeah AW
:iconangelmewmew:angelmewmew 151 52
SamxHunter!Reader: Hair Washing.
You lounged in the Bunker, feet on Sam's lap as both of you read intently. As it had become tradition to exchange favorite books every month or so, a little tidbit to keep both of you sane. He read "Perks Of Being a Wallflower" (a dear favorite of yours) and you read "One Day" which wasn't exactly sappy but you didn't know how else to describe it. Little known fact, you were secretly loving it. Emma and Dexter, opposites attracting, hell you lived for this!
Not such a little known fact, both of you stank. Reeked even. Having just gotten back from your latest hunt, a slimy-glob ghost and the constant replay of "Who you're gonna call?" on the Impala. Dean was taking a shower, having declared the unholy dibs.
Right before he had gotten in the bathroom, you thought you'd heard the flapping of angel's wings. Quite excited flapping at that. You grinned michesvously. Of course, Sam noticed.
"What's so funny? You should be balling your eyes out by now..."
"Hush, it's just Emma's
:iconkissysaltcoatedangel:kissysaltcoatedangel 148 29
Supernatural x Reader - Prom
Slamming your locker shut and hauling your backpack over your shoulder, you sighed. It was finally the end of the school day, and nearly the end of your senior year. After graduation, you could finally hunt.
You had known Sam and Dean for years. When you were twelve, a ghost had attached itself to you, harming anyone who came into contact with you. Your parents kicked you out from pure fear and told you to never come back, and you spent weeks on the streets, avoiding all possible interaction.
Until Sam and Dean. Within a day they figured out what was wrong and took down the spirit. When you refused to go back to your parents or with social services, they introduced you to Bobby Singer. The man quickly became like your uncle, and agreed to take you in. You helped around Bobby’s house and the occasional hunt with Sam and Dean.
They promised to take you hunting with them full-time, but their requirement was that first you get your high school diploma. Now that was only a few months
:iconeverytimechelle:everytimechelle 390 25
Queen (CrowleyxReader)
Name: Queen
Character: Crowley x Reader
Words: 1550
Warnings: swearing
(Y/N) ..First Name // (c/H) ..haircolor
You checked the instructions for the spell one more time and prayed to all gods that you wouldn't mess it up. Again. The last spell you tried out didn't went...very well. Let's just say that you were very happy Sam and Dean managed to turn you back to your normal size before some random cat could've mistaken you for its breakfast. You sighed and wiped some (c/H) bangs out of your face before you sent a questioning glance to the Winchesters who both nodded in approval. They waited some steps away. "Not because they were afraid due to a lack of trust in your magical skills" as they assured you...yeah of course...cowards. You took a heavy breath and lit up a match. All in all it was your third attempt to summon the king of hell. The first time you tried the common way but this bastard just didn't show up. You guys were sure that he couldn't be stuck in a random devils trap so you
:iconfallenrichardbrook:FallenRichardBrook 260 43
Break His Heart - CrowleyxReader
It's what they want to know. What makes him tick. What exactly will bring the king of hell to his knees? Most likely some old fashioned torture will losen his tounge. Or maybe even bargaining. But nothing will bring Crowley to tell the Winchesters anything. After what seemed like hours of beating, He sat perplexed staring at the shadows, almost swearing he saw a familiar figure of a young woman.
He closed his bloody eyes remembering her bright smile shine bright up at him so innocently. Their small apartment at the edge of the city was more than enough for the two lovers. He'd spontaneously take her small hand into his and kiss its surface gently. And in that moment, it's seem as if the sun exploded through the blinds to show that the heavens approve of their relationship. It'd be absolutely perfect. Crowley's smile would widened as she would surprise him with a warm embrace and whisper an 'I Love You' into his freshly ironed suit. The smell of vanilla and coconut welcomed him into her
:iconredhairedcomic:RedHairedComic 178 10
Crowley-X-Reader: What Troubles You?
"Bobby! I'm back with those groceries!"
You put the plastic bags on the counter along with his keys. As you checked your phone, you felt a presence behind you. You rolled your eyes and sighed.
"Cas, how many times have I told you," you began to turn, "don't sneak up behind-"
As your (e/c) eyes looked up to meet what you thought would be a pair of ocean blue, they met an unfamiliar dark hazel instead. Attached to those hazel eyes was a man with shortly cropped black hair wearing a black suit, shoes and tie.
"Oh, well, you're not Cas."
The man that stood before you smirked.
"And you're not Moose or Squirrel," he took a few steps towards you, "So you must be (y/n)."
He extended his hand out to you.
"Crowley, at your service..."
You took it in yours cautiously. Dean and Sam had told you about him and how he'd been helping them recently, but you always missed him due to Bobby sending you out on errands. Y
:iconchubby-killer97:chubby-killer97 494 144
Hellhound!Crowley x Reader
Hellhound! Crowley x reader
AN: Inspired by Lokisservant’s fic.  Slight spoilers for Series 8 of Doctor Who (the one with Peter Capaldi).
You were woken up by scratches on your door and yelping.  Thinking nothing of it, you rolled over and went back to sleep.  A few moments later, there was a thud and Charlie’s voice came through the door.  “Time to wake up and by the way, I’m being dragged by an invisible force.”
That got your attention and you jumped out of bed with your gun at the ready. You pushed your door open and Charlie grinned, “Good to see you too.  Could you put the gun down please?”
Just as you were about to, you heard a yip and a thud.  Turning around you didn’t see anything so you turned to Charlie, “I’m guessing that’s what dragged you in here?”
Charlie nodded just as Kevin came in with a saucepan and wearing glasses.  “I heard a thud and then I found these.
:iconscrougeofares:scrougeofares 293 50
Visions (Pietro Maximoff X Reader)
Author’s Note: First part takes place when the Avengers try to stop Ultron at that one building, and get their asses kicked by Pietro and Wanda. Also: reader is an Avenger, but her abilities and powers are moreso that of a mutant (and also fairly similar to Wanda’s; like she can control stuff with her mind and read people’s emotions). Also, this is kind of a soulmate!au, like not really, but it’s kinda implied and that’s why they get together so quickly and junk! I cannot write accents to save my friggin life. I hope he’s not too out of character and I hope you guys like this!!!
“I’m not here to hurt you.” You said softly, holding your hands out placatingly.
“That’s vhat they all say.” Pietro said bitterly. He was tense, and clearly prepared to run. The only reason he hadn’t run already was because he had absolutely no idea what you special ability was, and he was only slightly worried that it was something e
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 593 133




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